VET Work Placement

Structured Workplace Learning (SWL)

What is Workplacement?

Workplacement students are learning real skills as part of their specialist industry studies at HSC level through school, TAFE NSW or private RTO.   As school and the world of work can be miles apart, Workplacement provides an opportunity to bridge this gap by bringing schools and industry closer together. 

Employer support has a very positive effect on our school leavers as they can use their newly learnt skills and apply them to the workplace, but more importantly, they learn work ethics and employability skills.

Workplacement is a more formal structure than work experience and is designed to complement the vocational education and training course being undertaken at school, TAFE or private RTO.

Workplacement is a compulsory component of the student’s HSC.

Hours of Workplacement

Students must complete a minimum 35 hours of Workplacement in Year 11 and 35 hours in Year 12, usually with a different host employer each year.

The hours in which a student will attend Workplacement are set out by each individual employer. The student understands that they will be working “industry” hours, not school hours.

Students are entitled to a minimum 30 minute meal break as per Industrial Relations Legislation relating to the industry.

All hours worked by the student are to be documented in the student’s journal and signed by a supervisor each day.

The Pre-Placement Interview

Students must contact the host employer prior to Workplacement to arrange a pre placement interview.

The student must attend this interview to have the relevant paperwork for the placement signed. Without the employer’s signature in place, insurance will not be in place.

The interview is designed to be a “meet & greet” and a chance for employers to express their requirements for the student.

Insurance & Accidents

Employers are covered for injury to students & teachers, and property damage or personal injury to third parties caused by the student or teacher. This insurance is provided by the NSW Department of Education and Training, Catholic Education Office, TAFE NSW or the independent school which the student attends.

In the event of an accident, first aid or emergency care procedures should be implemented.

Contact Workplace Learning if the student’s parent/guardian or teacher cannot be contacted. Emergency contact numbers can be found in the student’s booklet that they will have with them whilst on Workplacement.

An accident report form should be submitted to Workplace Learning in the event of an injury or accident.

Payments to Students

Students are classified as volunteer workers during the Workplacement and are not to be paid.

NOTE An exception can be made if students are using their current part time employment as part of their compulsory Workplacement. This must be negotiated with the employer and the school before commencement.

Payment to students may invalidate the indemnity and insurance arrangements for employers.

Duty of Care Visit

During the week of the Workplacement, the student’s teacher is expected to contact you and visit the workplace to check on the progress of the student